Steps 1-8 for commissioning or notarizing remotely

1: Schedule an appointment

Schedule an appointment online and upload the documents requiring signature.

For in-person notary appointments in Hamilton, please call 289 788 2345.

2: Payment

You will receive a confirmation by email and a request for payment by Interac e-Transfer.

In-person appointments can be paid in cash. McLeod Paralegal cannot make change for cash payments.

You will receive a receipt by email.

3: Receive confirmation

You will receive an email with:

  • a link to join the appointment, and
  • a link to upload your document following your appointment

4: Prepare your document

Prepare your document prior to your appointment.

Please see the Identification Requirements.

Do not sign or date your document. This must be done with a notary.

5: Join the call

Join the call at the appointment time.

The notary will request two pieces of ID to confirm your identity.

6: Sign

Sign your document visibly. You can:

  • position your camera facing you and your physical document, or
  • share your screen and sign digitally.

7: Upload

Scan your physical document in .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, or .png, or if your document is digital, please save it in one of these formats.

Upload your document using the link in your confirmation email.


The jurat on a remotely commissioned document will be modified to reflect the remote nature of the service.

The notary will sign and seal your document.

You will receive a final email containing your sealed documents for use anywhere accepting documents commissioned remotely.