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Landlord and TenantNotary and Commissioner of OathsLegal Document CompositionResearch and Writing

Landlord and tenant legal support

McLeod Paralegal provides bundled and unbundled legal services to tenants, landlords and property managers.

Unbundled legal services are useful particularly for self-litigants and limited-budget legal matters. Clients acquire the service they need without committing to full representation.

Bundled legal services are best for clients seeking full representation and professional management of an entire matter.

  • Document composition
    Court forms, court applications, requests, notices, certification and correspondence, including demand letters
  • Document filing
    Digital filing is available Ontario-wide; physical filing is available in Hamilton, Ontario
  • Self-litigant guidance
    Manage your legal matter independently with support from a professional
  • Preparation for the Tribunal
    Preparation for a day at the Board; reviews of mediation strategy and hearing procedure
  • Representation at the Tribunal
    Confident legal representation by your side

McLeod Paralegal organizes a free introductory consultation:

  • Review your matter
  • Provide legal information
  • Discuss services McLeod Paralegal can provide

Consultation is approximately 20 minutes.

Consultation is an opportunity for discussing your legal matter and determining if McLeod Paralegal’s services are right for you.

During consultation, McLeod Paralegal will not provide legal advice specific to your situation. Consultation with McLeod Paralegal does not render a paralegal-client relationship or retainer agreement.

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Notary public and commissioner of oaths

McLeod Paralegal provides cost-efficient access to a notary public and commissioner of oaths in Ontario.


Appointments are conducted by video conference. In-person appointments are available in Hamilton, Ontario.

Not all documents can be notarized remotely.

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Commissioning of oaths and affidavits

Solemn declarations and affirmations

Witnessing and notarizing signatures

Certified copies of electronic documents

Certified copies of physical documents

Legal document composition

Legal document composition is available to anyone, including legal professionals. McLeod Paralegal is happy to take care of your paperwork.



Forms and Applications

Certificates and Notices

Court Documentation

48-Hour Turnaround

McLeod Paralegal drafts legal documents for the Landlord and Tenant Board and Small Claims Court.

McLeod Paralegal also prepares affidavits, oaths, declarations and affirmations.

Documents are not auto-generated.

McLeod Paralegal does not prepare documents regarding wills, estates, family law or major criminal offences.

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Legal research and writing

McLeod Paralegal creates custom literature designed for the everyday reader.

Legal Memoranda and Light Reading
  • Comprehensive investigation of facts, legislation and precedent
  • Exploration of Canadian municipal, provincial, territorial and federal law
  • Custom formatting and literary revision

Documents are not auto-generated.

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Case briefs and summaries

Legal memoranda

Blog and website content

Articles and essays

Book material and writing projects

Manuals, guides and references