Steps 1-4 for remote consultation

1: Schedule a consultation

Schedule an appointment with McLeod Paralegal:

Consultations are conducted by phone or video conference via Zoom.

McLeod Paralegal does not provide in-person consultations.

2: Receive a confirmation

After booking online, you will receive a confirmation by email with a link to join an appointment.

After booking a phone consultation, you will receive a confirmation by email. McLeod Paralegal will call you at the scheduled time.

3: Join the call

Join the call.

McLeod Paralegal will confirm your identity.

Meet with a paralegal!

Consultations are approximately 20 minutes.

Consultations provide an opportunity to talk through your legal matter, receive legal information and determine whether McLeod Paralegal’s services are right for you.

During consultation, McLeod Paralegal will not provide legal advice specific to your situation. Consultation with McLeod Paralegal does not render a paralegal-client relationship or retainer agreement.